The Joys of Writing Together

On monday evening I went to a Write-In. Although it sounds as though it has a political angle, the only aspect it had in common with a sixties “sit-in,” or “sit-down,” is the fact that we were sitting. The write-in was a wonderful motivational experiment, one that I hope to repeat. From six-nine, writers were invited to drop in and sit with the group, to write and work on their individual projects. A mostly silent event, the atmosphere was positive, and encouraging.

I noticed that when writing in a group with other new writers, the chances of your mind wandering are slim. I found myself focused and on task, and managed to write 850 words in the hour and a half that I stayed. There was something wonderful about being a part of a productive circle. Energy was high and you felt drawn to your story, almost as we writers were witches casting a spell with the sound of fingers tapping on keys, or pens scratching paper. I highly recommend this.

It would be easy to start a write-in of your own. This group began through the library, but all you need to do is find local writers in your area and arrange a meeting space, be it a coffee shop or pub, backyard garden or bookstore. Perhaps there is already something of the sort happening in your city or town. I found this event through a site called, a great online research to find groups that meet your interests, from literature groups, to cycling groups, you name it and you can probably find a group for it.

When it comes to my goals:

1) I have plotted to the end of the second part of my novel. I have decided to start writing. I realized something as a plotted. Although I was getting excited as I shaped my story, my enthusiasm for writing it was dwindling. Perhaps due to the hiatus, but I believe it also has to do with having an idea of an ending. When I write, I like to leave the ending ambiguous. I prefer for the story to shape itself. Knowing the ending before I start writing curbs my enthusiasm.

2) Word Count: 850 words. I don’t have a decided maximum yet. I am going to aim for 2000 words a week, start there and work my way upwards.

Cheers to each dear reader, and good luck with your own goals!



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