Never Start with a Dream: Tips from the School of life

Yes, I agree that the title sounds negative. It is a very glass half-empty sort of title. But, as with many things, don’t take it literally.

It has taken me a while to sign back into my blog page. I don’t have much of a reason other than general lack of motivation. Also, I was occupied both with my vacation, and with my move out of Ottawa and back into the family home. There are obviously mixed emotions involved with moving back home. On the one hand I miss my independence, and the fact that I had a place that was one-third all mine. (I had two roommates) On the bright side, I now have more time on my hands at the moment. Until my part time job starts in ernest, i have been able to focus a lot more on writing, and research into the various activities and institutions I would like to be a part of in the future. For example, I am very interested in the publishing business, and plan to return to school next fall. This year, however, is my year to write and explore.

I moved back to Brampton, Ontario. It is considered a city, but there are so many subdivisions and neighbourhoods that the population is very spread out. I see it more as a large town with poor public transportation. However, I checked and found a group that fits very nicely with my interests. Every sunday there is a Writers’ Group, and I participated in my first meeting today. It went very well.

The short story I shared started with a dream. Although I received a lot of positive criticism and great feedback, I was also warned of a few things.

1) My tenses are terrible. It is something I will really have to strive to work on from this day forward. 

2)My introduction is a trope. 

For those who may not know what a trope is, it can be linked to a cliche. Tropes fall within an audiences’ expectations, because they have been used repetitively. The idea is no longer fresh or new. Starting a short story with a dream has become a trope. Also, and this is my point, it can be a little unfair. The audience is set up with expectations, only to be disappointed. But, of course, the choice how to begin a story is up to you.

Now I am reworking the intro, and it is difficult. I want to keep the dream, and have to reinsert it elsewhere. Although I believe “A Wolf in Pig Skins” will be a better story after the change, and hopefully have a better chance of being published.

Until next time, which will not be so far away,



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