Always get Up

It has been a bit of a strange life for me, these past couple months. I moved back home for a little while, and found myself having to adapt to life with my family after years of independence. I had to accept a new city, a new place in a household, (or a returning place) and am continuing to figure out a sort of routine. With a new job, goals, and situation, I found it difficult to post on my blog. There are things to say, but no motivation to type the words.

It is hard to say why. Perhaps it began with a lack of time. The end of summer meant the end of my stay in Ottawa, so there was the priority of getting ready to move. It was also an emotional time for me. I began a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, and said goodbye to him before he left for Scotland. Saying that goodbye was hard. Yes, we are continuing to keep our relationship, but not having your special someone in your life everyday, and having to communicate through email and online facetime, is sometimes not enough. I miss him everyday, and sometimes this helps with my motivation to write  and sometimes it doesn’t (when i’m too sad to write). Nonetheless, one needs to keep standing up, keep moving forward, and keep at bay those negative emotions.

So I am returning to ROW80, for some motivation.

The round began in October, so I am a month late. However, I do have some more free time since the last time I participated in a Round of Words in 80 days, so I am hoping to accomplish something.

My goal for this round is to finish 80 pages by the end of the round, December 25th. This will be a Christmas gift to myself.

Since the last round, I haven’t made much progress with my novel. I’m hoping to jump start this project again.

Today, I typed four pages. So 4/80. Let’s see how I do.



2 thoughts on “Always get Up

  1. It’s so nice to see a post by you! I hope you’re writing goals go great for you, I think I might start in with ROW80 again too…I have more then enough time I’m just lazy! I hope to hear from you soon, and I miss you!

    1. hey! It’s so nice to hear from you! I miss you too, girl. I hope there’s an opportunity for me to see you, i’m coming for a short visit to ottawa on wednesday and thursday. Let me know if you start ROW80 again, i will be there to cheer you on 🙂

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