Peeping Over Shoulders

I should have some good news to say about my page count, but in truth, I barely added more than a page since my last post.

I’ve been trying a new writing technique, and have begun to carry a notebook around again. I realize that it is easier for me to write on paper, than it is on the computer. There is less pressure, and on paper, I don’t feel tempted to edit, or write the perfect sentence on the first try. I don’t waste minutes rewriting, fussing over word choice, or sentence structure. I just write.

Then I take what I have written, and add it to my page count on the computer. So I have about four written pages to add, but my official word count is 11 pages. so 11/80, 69 pages to go…

I did try to transcribe my pages. Today I left my hometown for a small visit to Ottawa, my adopted hometown of five years. I was planning on using part of the five hour bus ride to transcribe my written pages, but Peeper McGee, a.k.a. the man sitting next to me on the bus, kept reading over my shoulder.

I tried, at first, to ignore this. But unlike how I treat my short stories, I am very protective, and possessive towards my novel. I’m not sure why this is so, perhaps I am just used to sharing my short stories. But my novel is unfinished. It is my first child, and I’m overprotective.

I don’t want you reading over my shoulder Peeper McGee! It’s an invasion of privacy. Those are my raw thoughts transcribed onto the computer page. My first draft, my first attempt. It is not fine tuned, like the short stories I share with the world, so back off!

That’s what I want to say. Instead I just shut my computer and picked up the magazine I brought with me as a backup, disappointed that I let the actions of stranger keep me from writing. I will merely have to try and find time to write tomorrow.

Until the next post,



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