All the Little Things…They Turn Big

Have you ever had a series of days where something always seemed to go wrong?  However, it is a little thing, so on its own, it doesn’t seem so bad. Yet, another little thing goes wrong, and then another… Soon everything that is going wrong culminates into one horrible feeling of overwhelming self-pity… yes, I had one of those days today.

The pimple on my face, the feeling of guilt for not vacuuming my room, or not going to the library, or spending more time writing and less time reading, coupled with the stress of college and university applications made for a horrible experience. Yes, individually, each item seems small, and even petty. But unfortunately I have the tendency to dwell.

The one cure is to buckle down, and loose yourself in something. Anything. I managed to write a few pages today. That was nice. I realized something important about setting and place.

Create your character’s world. Give them a place to interact, and keep crafting the setting. Add the senses, the sounds, the colours, the background images. Yet, remember that there is a thing called too much description. Find the balance between describing the place, and developing the action of the story. Every chapter needs to do two things:

1)Answer a question, or introduce new information that clarifies a previous question. You have to give your audience little treats along the way.

2)Introduce a new conflict. Perhaps a new issue, a new character that shakes the old character’s perspective. A mystery, a shocking confession, an important realization, or a clue does wonders to advance the plot.

Treat your reader, and then offer more bait. Reward them for reading, then give them a reason to keep going. Finding that balance is definitely a challenge, but it makes for a stronger story.

In regards to the ROW80 challenge. Pages written: 32

Pages written: 32

Pages to go: 48

I’m doing something bad. I started a new short story. So now my attention is divided. Yet, when the idea hits you, isn’t it a shame not to follow through?



One thought on “All the Little Things…They Turn Big

  1. I always struggle with description – I either include too much or too little! I have a new system now; I get the think written and then work on descriptions during the edits. It seems to be working so far 🙂 Congrats on your progress in the round – keep up the good work!

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