Finding Your Style As a Writer

As I write, and attempt to improve my skill, one of my concerns is the development of style. Over the years, I have tried to develop a consciousness to how I craft my words. What is my tone? What is my voice? To this day, I am still not completely sure I have crafted a unique style.

So what is style? What is involved in crafting a writer’s style? Is it intuitive, or planned? Do we develop style naturally, or do we study and try to emulate those authors we enjoy, and look upon with respect?

Audience: considering the audience affects the style of your writing. A story will be written differently if aimed at a five-year-old child or a twenty-year-old university student. Thus, knowing who you are writing for, will play a factor in how you write.

Narrative style: first person? Third person? Omniscient? Objective? Who is telling the story, and what is their personality? Is it a jaded single mother? A sassy, brash teenager? A shy, yet well-meaning storekeeper? The voice of the narrator will impact the words used to tell the story. That shy, yet well-meaning storekeeper may not use the colloquialisms that the sassy teenager might dish out.

Tone and Genre: So is it a horror? A romance-mystery? A drama? A comedy? Perhaps if you aim to make your reader laugh, your language may not be so dramatic, and serious in tone. Or perhaps it is, but it borders more on dry sarcasm than literal dryness.

Your personality: No matter how you try to disguise it, your own personality will peek out among the words. It is inevitable.

Thus style, I believe, is both conscious and unconscious. Ultimately, however, it is a vital component of your writing. A unique style can set an author away from the rest, and create a stellar impression upon the reader.

In regards to my own writing and the ROW80 challenge, this week I am falling a little behind. I was expecting this. Currently, I am volunteering editing services, as well as working a Black Friday week and weekend in the retail industry. On top of that, there is my master’s application. I still manage to find a little time for a paragraph here, or there, but nothing substantial this week. I’m hoping this weekend I can hack together a few more pages.

Total pages so far: 36

Pages to go: 34



One thought on “Finding Your Style As a Writer

  1. My favorite books were always in 3rd person, so when I started writing, I went to 3rd person. Then in college, I used my creative writing courses to try something different with each assignment.

    I learned that my 3rd person sucks, and I have a lot to work on.

    I found my style with a 1st person conversational tone story. So that’s what my current novels are, thought I would like to change things up for my next project.

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