A-Z Storytelling in EXACTLY 100 Words a Piece

The A-Z storytelling is a new project of mine. The rules are simple: each section must total a hundred words, no more, no less; the highlighted word (chosen randomly at the moment) must appear in the section; it has to make sense.

I’ve decided to split the alphabet in half. A-M will tell one story, and N-Z will tell another.

The hope behind the project is to improve my ability to tell a story concisely. I have a bad habit of including unnecessary words-mainly adjectives- and repeating or overly expounding on detail. Trimming has never been a great skill of mine, but it is an important skill for a writer to cultivate.

As mentioned before, most of the words for A-M have been chosen randomly (aka, I opened my dictionary and pointed to a random definition). I’m hoping for some help for N-Z from my dear readers. I need words! Comment and suggest some, please!

The genre for A-Z is horror. I haven’t decided on N-Z…

Anyway, stay tuned for the first installment of A-Z this coming Sunday. The word is abhorrent. 



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