A-Z Storytelling: The Letter A is Abhorrent

Abhorrent: inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant

Words: 100


They called us abhorrent creatures and hunted us into extinction.

Once we roamed the wilds in great packs, hunting, thriving and unstoppable. We were feared and powerful, yet this made us stupid. We forgot the nature of man, their drive to live, and their need to achieve the top of nature’s hierarchical pyramid. Hunted, they became angry and determined. As we stayed stagnant, unable to adapt, they found our weakness and learned from their mistakes.

Perhaps that is the greatest difference between my keeper and myself. I do not learn and I fall into the same trap again, and again.


Next Sunday is B. B is for… Bemused. Stay tuned!

To learn more about what I am doing here, you can read this post here.


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