A-Z Storytelling: C is for… Contradiction

Contradiction: A combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another

Words: 100

As a contradiction I draw quite the crowd. They come from all stations of life to see and mock me with false fear. I see children, young men and woman in furs and cheap imitations. My prey. It brings me a strange happiness when they are close.

The caravans march through the land, carting my cage with them to showcase me like a prize proudly kept on a mantle— to see yet not touch. They are too smart to underestimate me. In chains the threat is minimalized, but if they come too close I will bite. I will always bite.

Author’s Note: I’m a little late today, my apologies. I guess the long weekend had me spinning out of control.

I am still looking for letter suggestions from M-Z. Anything goes!


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