CentreYourself and Rock Life

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Falun_Gong_Meditation_in_Manhattan_New_YorkMeditation exists as more than a simple tool for spiritual reflection. It can be a way to take a step back from life, and all of its hectic parameters, and re-center yourself. What exactly do I mean by this? I mean it helps you take stock of who you are, your role in the world around you, and the potential steps needed to take your life forward.

It can be easy to let yourself be swept up in the rush of life. Things happen, and they can happen quickly. What we might not realize is, as time moves forward, we change. Whether it is in small increments, or in leaps and bounds, our motivations, our personalities, or values, tend to shift as the days pass. And it’s easy to ignore this—until someone points it out.

When you choose to meditate, you choose to let yourself be silent. You allow yourself to exist in the moment and take the time to redefine your…

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