An Inspired Writing Challenge

Challenge one of three, on Esther Newton’s blog,  was to use “chocolate” in a limerick. I got a little carried away and wrote three, although only the last one follows the rules.


We’re trying, Mother Earth.


The air is ripe with money,

And the screaming fans, sweet honey.

When oil is on the plate,

And no hunger will it sate,

I wonder will it ever be sunny.


Wind and solar are quick contenders,

But it ’aint enough for the vendors.

As the sand shifts,

And the earth quits,

Why can’t we hear the protesters?


Chocolate’s here to soothe the soul,

As Albertan angry turbines roll.

Smog stretches thick, the lungs try.

Tempers rage, the earth will cry.

It’s enough that Ontario has no coal?


Notes on Inspiration:

Canada is currently trying to follow the Paris Climate Change agreement, and limiting it’s use of coal as a generator for power. Ontario has recently become a coal free province, but with coal comprising of 65% of Alberta’s energy, there are different challenges in place to meet the goal of a coal-free environment by 2030. While wind and solar energy shows promise, it may not be enough. There are always trade offs. More wind turbines installed means less viable land for agriculture, as an example.

Nonetheless, the province is continuing its efforts to rework the power grid. Hopes are high, but one wonders, with climate change already very much present, will this be enough? Or have we hurt the earth too much?


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