IMG_3217Stephanie Buosi is a woman of many faces. The 9-5, Monday-Friday Stephanie works hard as a Marketing coordinator for John Wiley & Sons, and enjoys her job because she markets books, gets to talk about books, and works with amazing people who are willing to teach someone willing to learn.

The all other hours she rockclimbs and swims laps for fun. She likes to walk for hours, thinking about her life and the world at large–which sometimes makes her too sad and causes a Netflix binge. She likes to cook, not bake, and loves Indian, vegetarian cuisine. She’s Italian, and makes eggplant parmiasan and risotto as her comfort food. She enjoys cooking for others and blushes happily when her partner makes “mmm” noises when he eats her food. She loves animals and wishes she owned a cat. Yes, she is a cat person–but will also stop to make friends with dogs on the street.

In the in-between hours, on her commute or in the shower, or that sweet time just before falling asleep, she exists in her imagination. She dreams of her characters, and works to brighten or darken their worlds with plot devices, conflict, resolutions or backstories. She is thinking of her current writing projects and considering future ones. She wonders when she can fit in time to work on her next chapter.

She lives each day, and hopes for the best.



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  1. Sure that would be great πŸ™‚ I have a long reading list right now, but I also have a two-week vacation coming up in one day (cue the parade) and I plan to spend it reading awesome books, blogs and writing my little heart out. (as well as camping)

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